Jaimsa founded in 2006 to serve:

Players in playground with reliable sports goods; and
labour in industry with standards compliance PPE (gloves and work wears)

We have a leather processing unit (tannery) and my father – Mr. Jan Muhammad who has 40 years experience of leather processing is the leader of our tannery work force. The main aim of tannery is to produce our own leather to serve our customers with smooth quality goods and to do innovation in this field. Tannery is processing goat skins, lamb skins, sheep skins, cow hides, buffalo hides and calf hides.

Our business is growing very fast and now we have our Europe office in Spain. Plus we have gold member ship of alibaba.

Our product line includes

  1. Sport Goods is an investment in good health.
  2. Sport – Connecting People.
  3. 8 P’s

Following are our 8 P’s